Sunday, April 19, 2020

Lockdown jailbreak! Ragusa, Sicily

April 19th, 2020

Lockdown jailbreak! Ragusa, Sicily

"If all you did was just looked for things to appreciate, you would live a joyously spectacular life."
~ Esther Abraham Hicks

Today was Day #Infinity of my lockdown here in Ragusa, Sicily. I was looking at photos on my phone, and it turns out that I used to travel around to different countries, go hiking, sit close to friends, even hug them! Can you imagine. It's like I had a whole life that involved other people, and other places beyond this hotel room. Maybe I'm just dreaming it, the whole thing. My phone, the photos on it, the places I think I went. Imagine that you're living in a simulation that is so rich and textured and feels so "real" that you don't know if this is actually your life as it seems, or just an illusion. How would you know? How COULD you know?! Short version: you could not know. Therefore: you Do Not Know! Whoa.

But I digress. I was imagining or pretending to be complaining about lockdown. I haven't taken a single walk in weeks, unless you count the two minutes to walk to my van, plus the (bonus!) two minutes to walk back. I have never been so excited in my life to go get cash from the ATM (cash machine!) It was thrilling. I didn't see any police, though I really expected to be stopped. Don't tell anyone that I didn't take the exact shortest route.

Lockdown is going well for me. The only problems I have are the same imagined ones I have when I'm not in lockdown: procrastination, too much time on my phone even when I'm not enjoying it, feeling like I should be doing something different than I am - even though I (used to?) have this long-standing question: is there something that needs doing? Other than taking care of this body and doing my taxes, I'd have to say there is really nothing that needs doing, and I wouldn't be happier, "better," more fulfilled, or more worthy if I decided that there was something that was lacking that I needed to resolve. Hint for the advanced class: nothing is lacking, not for any of us. Relax, be happy, you are complete just as you are. Only your mind and misunderstanding get in the way of knowing that for yourself. Go forth, and do, if you want! But not to fill a hole or because you'll be a better you. Do it for the love of it and for the love of yourself. Good enough!

Did someone feed me some magic mushrooms or something? Criminy, where's this letter coming from or going. Yeah, you got me - no idea.

Enjoy some photos from my Grand ATM Adventure today...

Love always,

This is the reverse view from what you might know, being up the hill looking back down onto my hotel, "Il Davemo," I call it when no one is around to correct me. In the lower center of the photo you can see a red building. That's the hotel, and if you squint you can see my balcony. It also gives a better perspective for how steeply the hill rises behind the hotel towards the new part of town.

I kind of wanted to buy this building and renovate this beautiful old building. But it's a 17th century church, so that might not go over so well. But I wouldn't actually buy it, I just want to think I'll buy it. That's fulfilling enough for me!

It's a ghost town! I did see a few people out, maybe six people in half an hour of walking. I heard music and talking coming from inside some apartments. I wanted to go in!

My new best friend! Oh wait, I didn't get enough money. Shoot, I have to go back tomorrow and get more.

To be honest, this place wasn't busy at all when I arrived in February. Hey! I just realized, that was two months ago today! But the town would be jumping by now normally.

I love this view.

I love this view too.

Maybe I like all the views. Stone, people! It mesmerizes me. Arches, especially. And tunnels, also especially. Question: did I "choose" to like stonework so much? Could I "choose" to not like it? Well, if I didn't choose it, who did?! Wouldn't that imply that I'm not really in charge?? (Uh oh, the mushrooms seem to be kicking in again!)

(The End)

ps No mushrooms were harmed in the making of this newsletter.