Monday, August 07, 2006

Love, pure and simple.

These challenging quotes come from "I Am That" by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.
Question: In love there must be duality, the lover and the beloved.
Maharaj: In love there is not even the one, how can there be two? Love is the refusal to separate, to make distinctions. Before you can think of unity, you must first create duality.
Love is boundless. What is limited to a few cannot be called love. Personal love, however intense and genuine, invariably binds; love in freedom is love of all. In loving one you love all, in loving all, you love each. One and all are not exclusive.
Love of one and love of all merge together in love, pure and simple; addressed to none, denied to none.
Too much love,
There are 10 photos below:
The youngest of the Ladakhi pilgrims on the bus that I hitched a ride with.
And the oldest of the pilgrims. This man was stooped and feeble, but made the same rugged journey as everyone else.
This monk at the 17th century Rangdum monastery invited me into his room and made lunch for me and his two friends, who were teachers at a local school. You can see a photo of the Dalai Lama on the wall.
Another monk at Rangdum monastery.
The rugged landscape of Zanskar - taken out the window of a moving car.
The old man who was walking down the road with his near-blind wife, leading a donkey.
If I could get the kids to pose and look so adorable, I'd really be talented.
No, I didn't rub dirt on this kid's face to make him look more cute.
Turning inside-out from shyness.
This picture makes me laugh. These boys were swimming in a muddy waterhole.
(The End)