Monday, February 08, 2010

Photos from Varanasi (and Delhi)

In San Francisco, I had pretty good cell phone reception except in two places - at home and at work. In my house I had to lean against the window, literally, so the call wouldn't get dropped. Three days ago I took the 15-hour overnight train ride from Delhi to Varanasi, and I was sending and receiving e-mails on my BlackBerry mobile phone. I'm amazed by that, especially comparing it to my first trip to India, where we sometimes had to make appointments to make an international call, and the primary method of communication was by fax or receiving letters at the post office.

So, another experiment - I've pasted 36 photos below, more than I usually do. Is it too many? The first photos are from Delhi, and starting with the colored yarn they are from Varanasi. The same photos are here:

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The Red Fort in Delhi:

Cricket on the ghats of Varanasi. One of the players is one of the kids I sponsored in school a few years ago.

The talented and drug-addled leper Tinggal, who I've known since 2001. It's amazing what a body survives.

The traditional wedding procession. Probably an inexpensive one - fancier ones look like chandeliers!

South Indian dosas being prepared on one of the narrow lanes of Varanasi.

The Ganges at sunrise, from my guest house.

I wondered why this dog was chewing on a boulder. I looked closer: it's not a boulder!

Henna coloring on a women's hand. This was doing using wood blocks, which is much simpler than the painted version.

The main ghat of Varanasi, typically bustling with Indian tourists from all over the country.

These women were preparing for their bath.

And here there just after bathing in their saris. An Indian man asked me: "Do you have anything like public bathing in America?" Short answer: no.

This kid was selling these toys on the ghats. 

You should have seen the gyrations this man went through when I asked to take his photo. He looked the same afterwards, but it was very cute.

Calling for his neighbor.

Water buffalo just next to my guest house. They are on what looks like prime, river-side real estate.

(The End)