Monday, July 11, 2011

The irregular and thankful blogger says hello from Dorfen

Hello people. Considering how many hours a day I typically spend on my computer it still amazes me how I can't get a blog post out.

Today I write from the town of Dorfen, Germany, just outside Munich. My good friend Brigitte put me up in her large flat, cooked for me, registered the van with me (twice), took the van on its semi-annual inspection, got an oil change with me, and then also invited into her house my friend Regina, who flew in from London to travel with me in the van. I'm well taken care of, and I'm SO appreciative. When I was in the Bay Area for a month, I picked up my U.S. van (I have two vans!) from Lillie's house, where she has stored it for me for a year and a half, and I stayed for three weeks with the Perlstadt family and their beautiful kids. The list goes on. It would be impossible for me to live this unusual lifestyle without good friends who support me and allow it to happen. Lovely!

Regina and I are (finally) giving Brigitte some peace by heading south today. We're driving through Austria into the Dolomites region in northern Italy. From what I've heard from friends and seen in photos, it's incredible. Photos will be flooding your computer soon, I hope.

Love to you,

p.s. What are YOU thankful for?

Before Regina arrived I made this four minute video after two bike rides around Dorfen. I hope you like it! After the video are some some pics from the last month, first in the San Francisco area and then here in Germany.

The Perlstadt family, who I've stayed with for almost three months over the last year. I love them!
2011_06_27_IMG_0172.JPG (720×480)

Beautiful Ruby.
2011_06_10_2353.JPG (720×480)

My all-grown-up niece Brooke, who just graduated from high school. She's off to UC Santa Barbara soon. She's lucky I'm not her Dad - I'd lock her in a closet. She's too pretty to be let loose on a college campus.
2011_06_04_1801a.JPG (720×480)

My friend Lauren and our charges for the weekend, Nathaniel and Sebastian. Sebastian is our godson.
2011_06_19_2743.JPG (720×480)

This is Noah, he of a hundred expressions, my favorite model in Munich. I stayed with him and his parents last year when I was here. He just turned two, and I took these photos of him as I babysat him (briefly) last week.
Noah%2520collage%252021.jpg (720×720)

Tabea, Noah's half-sister, 14 years old.
2011_07_07_IMG_0501.JPG (720×480)

The BMW Center, or something. I call it the Temple of Materialism. (You really CAN be happy, if you buy the right stuff. You're not happy? Then you haven't bought the right stuff.)
2011_07_09_IMG_0521.JPG (720×480)

This car drives back and forth along the upper walkway of the Temple. Brigitte tells me she had one of these years ago! They have three wheels, and the the hood opens out to let people in.
2011_07_09_IMG_0524.JPG (720×480)

This is the famous roof of Munich's Olympic Stadium, taken from the top of the Seattle Space Needle. I guess that's not the tower's name, but it could be, if it was in Seattle. I'm not that into facts, really.
2011_07_09_IMG_0530.JPG (720×480)

We are way up there. Those are people in the seats on the right.
2011_07_09_IMG_0536.JPG (720×480)

The don't-jump barrier on the observation deck.
2011_07_09_IMG_0537.JPG (720×480)

The Christopher Street fair in Munich's main square. It's a big gay pride thing, from the looks of it. We couldn't account for all the feather boas until someone told us. We're kind of slow.
2011_07_09_IMG_0551.JPG (720×480)

A performer on stage. Very talented.
2011_07_09_IMG_0543.JPG (720×480)

A piece of paper art in one of the booths.
2011_07_09_IMG_0548.JPG (720×480)

We've had some amazing weather, including one of the biggest thunderstorms I've ever seen, as we drove back at night from Munich. These pics are from last night's sunset. Dramatic!
Dorfen%2520sunset.jpg (720×480)

And to remind you, if you don't know, this is the van! Very groovy. The pics are from last year, in Germany and Croatia. That's Noah in the lower left.
temp.jpg (720×405)

(The End)


Ben said...

Thanks Dave! I couldn't help grinning watching your video - reminded me of the fun of simple pleasures, a bike ride with a friend, a thunderstorm, a child's smile... enjoy the Dolomites!

fabrice dieudonné said...

Dave ! I love your irregular blogs and humour, especially the Temple of Materialism... Send my hugs to Re as I couldn't catch up in France last June. I send you my love from Bali where I just arrived back after a trip to the amazing underwater world of Alor, some pics will come out soon.
You coming this winter to Asia ?

stevie said...

Hey Dave- Great post. Great pics. Now, to answer your question, the things I'm grateful for:
1) Sharing this nomadic lifestyle with my wonderful husband and very excellent dog- both of whom make me laugh daily
2) Sharing this nomadic lifestyle with other travelers like yourself who continue to inspire and encourage us along our way
3) The kindness of our friends and family who make our lifestyle possible (this list is soooooo long)
4) The kindness of strangers, who slay my cynicism about the fate of civilization with a warm smile and friendly words
5) Health- mine, my husband's, friends', family's, dog's..oooh, and the Sprinter's health!!
6) Red wine, stinky cheeses, and fresh vegetables, when I find them
7) Nature and how good it feels to be a part of it

Mary Adair said...

Your photographs are simply amazing and I love the video concept!

I'm thankful for:  reading your newsletter with a cup of coffee first thing this morning; Mike, Courtney and I finally put up the new cabinets in the garage yesterday; and, most of all Mike and I are celebrating our 30th anniversary today.

Browneks said...

Watching the video brought back memories of other bike rides, unfortunately that included a crash that shatter my leg in Switzerland ... so keep both hands on the steering next time.  Thanks for sharing.

Rena said...

Davemo...I'm thankful for my ability to get up every morning and breath.  Walk my dog and see my children.  Travel with my family and make wonderful memories.  I am also thankful for all your beautiful photos and words. I am making a list of all the beautiful places in the world I want to see, thanks to you.  Carry on my friend.  Happy trails!

Carol H. said...

Loved the new pics and video!  Thanks for Sharing Davemo...

I'm thankful for my beautiful family, and simple pleasures of everyday life!  Sending you big smooches...C

Christian Kindler said...

how come the Mexico links no longer work?

Kristin Jones said...

Loved the video and all of your pictures. How did I miss you being back in the Bay Area? Bummed I didn't get to see you but understandyou are a mna in demand! You look great, honey! You are so fortunate and blessed to be getting to spend your life traveling...when you are an amazing human being like you, good things happen. I don't know another person who deserves such a fabulous life as you. I am so lucky to know you:) Love you and miss you!

Laurie Baker said...

I loved the video and the pictures were great, as always. Mike and Mary's daughter looks a lot like Mary. I didn't realize we had kids the same age. Trent just graduated too and is going to Boston College. I am thankful for my family and friends. I think I would like to try the beer and lemonade - that sounds good.
Safe Travels,

Stephanie Dale said...

Great video - I feel like I'm biking with you both! And the photos, as usual, amazing. (Great pic of the Perlstadt clan!) Can't wait for your next post, Davemo! Happy travels.

Lauren-pie said...

I'm thankful for...YOU!  The video is magical!  I absolutely LOVE it!  I've watched it three times!  I love seeing Brigette in her stomping grounds.  I also love Noah driving your bright blue van....hope you're not drinking in the back.

Have a ball!  Love, Lauren

The Gunter Family said...

Hi Dave,  Loved the video-you have quite a talent for capturing the beauty around you!  My favorite drink is 1/2 beer and lemonade (I call it a shanty).  People here in East Tennessee think I'm crazy.  We plan on pulling out of here and travelling with our kids (now 3 and 6) in June 2014.  Your updates remind us of our other life and keep us motivated for 2014.  Keep them coming!  Melissa, Rob, Georgia, and Chloe 

Kimart said...

Friends, Family, Nature, God, Goodness

Dave Adair said...

Hey Chris. I don't know why the links are broken! Oops. I'll add it to the list of things to do...

Dave Adair said...

Thanks everyone for posting, and for the compliments. I wonder sometimes how my travels might be different without the blogging aspect. I do feel like I'm not just traveling for myself, but the benefit of anyone who cares to read this blog and see the photos. It's not changing anyone's life, but it's still a gift that I offer. Now pay up! Kidding.

Dave Adair said...

I got the Mexico site fixed. Turns out that a period is not the same as an underscore. Thanks for pointing it out, although rather cryptically!