Sunday, May 27, 2012

The new Nepal, same as the old Nepal

It's May 28, 2012, and I'm flying today to Delhi, and then on to London, where I'll pick up my van in a couple days and take a road trip. Oh - and my friend Jen is joining me!!

I haven't finished the stories here, but I will in the coming days. For now, enjoy what's here!


Someone about my age, carrying a hefty load of food for the cows or buffaloes.

Kids in school. I'm amazed how precise these rows are.

Bundles of firewood, tied with vines.

Jen and I walked to this village of Ramkot, which has these distinctive round houses.

Terraces on steep hillsides, as far as the eye can see.

Such a sweet little thing!

We came across these women making rakshi - known "moonshine" in America, or "country alcohol" in the India newspapers. They crack the corn and partially grind it here, then cook it over a fire. Mysterious goings-on results in something kind of like wine.

These women were friendly and couldn't believe that Jen and I aren't married and don't have kids. She said, "You not married [points to Jen], you not married [points to me]. You get married [points to both of us]." Just to clarify - Jen and I are not getting married. Or getting jiggy. Or anything like that.

This kid looks like he comes from a very poor household. He's wearing a school uniform, but it's really filthy.

Instead of walking back the way we'd come, we decided to follow our nose and go in a big loop. We walked through villages on the way.

Why, yes, I do love this girl, thanks for asking.

We sat on the village rock platform and played with the kids, while some adults looked on.

I'm pretty sure this kid is adorable too. Imagine that.

Terrifying the locals and tourists alike, this kid makes his most fearsome face. Look at your own risk!

This kid doesn't wear the hat cuz he's trying to be cool. He's wearing it because he IS cool. (Credit for that notion goes to Malcolm Gladwell...)

(The End)