Tuesday, June 29, 2010

France and Singapore are both like Disneyland...

France and Singapore are both like Disneyland. The difference is that Disneyland is trying to be like France, while Singapore is trying to be like Disneyland.

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The airport in Colombo, Sri Lanka, where I had a layover between Singapore and Paris.
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A French bulldog - in France. What are the odds?! I saw a number of people traveling with their dogs on the train.
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The TGV (high-speed) railway station at the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. These trains have a top speed of 200 mph, and they're smooth as silk. I've been on a MUNI bus in San Francisco that felt like it was going 200 mph, but it just needed shocks.
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A hallway in my hotel in Avignon. It's a converted 16th century Jesuit seminary.
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The hotel in Avignon.
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The hotel in Avignon.
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The main square in Avignon.
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The "Palais des Papes" - the Place of the Popes. Construction was started in 1335 and was completed in 20 years.
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Old and new. A statue of an elephant balancing on his trunk..
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A big, but temporary, ferris wheel outside the old walls of Avignon.
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A lovely Avignon street scene at late dusk.
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Watching the World Cup at a cafe open to the street.
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The courtyard of the hotel in Avignon.
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The restaurant at the hotel, with the courtyard to the left. They did a beautiful job of fitting the glass into the old arches.
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A candy shop.
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A church service in Avignon.
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A sign on the door of the church.
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The small village of Gordes, not far from Avignon, where I'm staying now for a few days.
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A twisty lane in Gordes. You can see a car parked up the lane.
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Flowers at the hotel.
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A panorama photo of Gordes and the surrounding countryside, made of four photos stitched together (with Canon software, if anyone wonders.) See a larger version here.
Gordes pano 1.jpg (720×163)

The photos are also here:

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