Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Road trip! (Southern France towards Munich)

Hey - it's my birthday! More importantly, I'm really happy to announce that I'm, finally, in a relationship. I just met her yesterday in a little village in France. I didn't really "meet" her - I bought her. She's the voice on my new GPS, and it's like she knows what I want. She never gets irritated with me; when I make a mistake, she just adjusts HER plan (it's so cute - she calls it "recalculating!") and moves on. Sure, you might think it's impersonal, but when she gives me directions, she's not telling YOU to turn left, is she? She's telling ME to turn left. Yeah, we're only in the early phases of our relationship, but I think it's going well, and I'm glad she's in my life. (Cuz I have a lot of driving to do!)

So many photos, so little internet attention. Look at what you will. I spent about a week near Avignon, and I'm now at a beautiful campsite near the border of Italy, where I'm heading as soon as I send this. On Google Maps, I'm here. And I'm on my way to Munich to meet my friend Brigitte. We're spending the weekend in the Alps, I guess, at a cabin that a friend of hers has offered us. Happy!


Lichens on a rock.
IMG_3280.JPG (720×540)

IMG_3283.JPG (720×540)

The  hotel in Gordes.
IMG_3287.JPG (720×540)

IMG_3291.JPG (720×540)

Senanque Abbey, established in 1148, opened in 1178. That just blows me away.
IMG_3294.JPG (720×540)

IMG_3334.JPG (720×540)

Ze biking in ze French countryside.
IMG_3346.JPG (720×540)

Wheat field.
IMG_3356.JPG (720×540)

Lavender fields, famous in the region of Provence.
IMG_3361.JPG (720×540)

IMG_3374.JPG (720×540)

The TGV train station in Avignon.
IMG_3385.JPG (720×540)

The carousel in Avignon, with a timed-exposure.
IMG_3402.JPG (720×540)

Street musicians in Avignon.
IMG_3414.JPG (720×540)

IMG_3416.JPG (720×540)

An old paddle, which started some major industries in Avignon prior to electricity.
IMG_3427.JPG (720×540)

A ancient bridge, apparently built by the Romans.
IMG_3469.JPG (720×540)

More lavender.
IMG_3477.JPG (720×540)

Virtually every village, no matter how small, has a beautiful church.
IMG_3485.JPG (720×540)

Focus the camera, then spin around while holding the camera at your face. This is in Lachau, in a beautiful part of France.
IMG_3506.JPG (720×540)

A traffic mirror in Lachau.
IMG_3510.JPG (720×540)

This is a (very serious!) regional tournament for petanque, a version of bocce ball, I guess. They're the same if you didn't grow up with it. If you did grow up with it, they're completely different.
IMG_3512.JPG (720×540)

The living room of the inn I stayed in, run by a Norwegian man and his lovely French wife. I spent two nights here.
IMG_3519.JPG (720×540)

A typical French cemetery. The crypt is for a whole family.
IMG_3537.JPG (720×540)

A close-up of succulents high in the mountains.
IMG_3589.JPG (720×540)

I hiked for six hard hours, from the valley in the lower-left. I also walked to that white monument/building you can see in the right-center of the photo. 
IMG_3591.JPG (720×540)

IMG_3597.JPG (720×540)

IMG_3598.JPG (720×539)

IMG_3603.JPG (720×540)

A lane in Lachau.
IMG_3606.JPG (720×540)

On some random road, where I was completely lost. This was before I started my relationship.
IMG_3648.JPG (720×540)

These look like mountains.
IMG_3663.JPG (720×540)

(The End)


Anonymous said...

Dave, nothing beats awakening to a post with pictures for YOUR birthday.

Happy Birthday. It is taking a little for me to get adjusted to your environs being somewhere other than the subcontinent but I love your images as always and am thinking of your warmly.

Everything is as it is at the Explo. Which is to say we are thriving in our own weird way I suppose. We miss you!

Love, Melissa A

Christina said...

Happy Birthday Dave.

I hope the new love of your life doesn't keep you on the straigt and narrow but allows you some freedom to get lost. Don't want to miss the random beauty that you capture so well.

Have fun in bella Italia. Ciao, Christina

Anonymous said...

Dear Dave,

I woke up this morning thinking of you and your travels and find your new post...weird. Happy Birthday.

Love, Nacha

Kimberlee said...

Happy happy happy - "too much happy" for your birthday, and as Buzz Lightyear says - and beyond! Way to spend a birthday at this stage of life...or any other. Thanks for the pics :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dave....great , great photos. I know that person, GPS, that you are with. She dumped me after I wouldnt do what she told me to do.

If I were you I would just break up with her right away and stay right there in Avignon. She's just going to try to get you to leave...

Chris K.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Davemo!

We found a gal to take with us to Death Valley recently but she kept telling us to turn around because we weren't on a road that she felt comfortable being on, so we finally had to muzzle her (it really was for her own good...otherwise she was going to be talking face down to the salt flats).

But seriously...forget Rick Steves or Karen Brown, I want Dr Davemoe's guides. More! More!

-- Frank

Dave Adair said...

Thanks for the nice birthday wishes! It turned out to be a fantastic day for a drive. Incredibly beautiful countryside. Hopefully my next set of photos will show that.


Anonymous said...

Let's see if this works....hmmm...I can't get on your blog Dave, it says things like "does not exist...."
So 52 is good; it's a blessing to grow older. I hope to get to be 150 yrs old; that should give me just enough time to do what I want.
I recognize some of the beautiful French contryside, And villages. I've been there; well, not on the hills, I was in towns and on flat land. In fact, I don't remember seeing so much wilderness in France. Thanks for taking such magnificent pictures of the landscape! Dave, I'm glad you can see better again and that you had a nice birthday.
May the heavens bless you with many wonderful adventures in life.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am jealous!!! I used to love getting lost with you! And now, that you found HER you will never have to get lost again!!! Ya know, I did hear that SHE can be fickle and give wrong directions a lot! But that's fine! If you prefer to be found rather than have the adventure of being lost then she is probably best for you! I wish you the best on your journies! By the way.... lovely photos! Just got back from 2 weeks in OR fabulous time! Looking foward to catching up on your updates!!!!!! Hugs! Jen