Saturday, July 15, 2006

Mother Teresa and prayer

This story comes from "One Dharma," by Joseph Goldstein (which I recommend.)

An interviewer asked Mother Teresa what she says to God when she prays. "I don't say anything. I just listen." So the interviewer asked her what God says to her.

"He doesn't say anything, said Mother Teresa. "He just listens." And before the astonished interviewer could press her further, she added, "And if you don't understand that, I can't explain it to you."


There are six photos below from Darjeeling:

This 15 year-old girl appears to have cataracts, but she and her employer (at a hotel) said, "No problem, no problem." There are number of free "eye camps" that run periodically in the area that could easily correct cataracts.

This 16 year-old girl worked at the same hotel. Both the girls were from Nepal. It's common for Nepali's to cross the open border to look for work.

Darjeeling is filled with beautiful old Victorian homes, remnants of the British. Few are as decrepit as this one, which, amazing enough, is currently in use as an office for a non-profit. 

Plucking tea at the Happy Valley tea estate on a misty morning. These workers typically make $1 a day. Only a tiny little shoot from the top of the plant gets plucked.

A tea worker. 

A young woman I saw walking down the road.

(The End)